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Innovative Display Powerhouse

Innovative Display Powerhouse


Why TLi?

Why TLi?

Here are some reasons to select TLi

  • The nation's first commercialization
    of Micro LED Driver IC

    · Available for implementation of high resolution/High-definition LED display
    · Available for the maximum 120-channel/ 80-scan support
    · Self PWM technology

  • Advanced
    technical strength

    · Holding a number of patents
    · Research manpower ratio of more than 80%

  • Accumulated experience gained
    over the years in the display market

    · Accumulated know-how gained through working in collaboration with global companies for 20 years
    · Extensive R&D investment

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TLi, equipped with abundant design experience in Display IC,
accumulated over more than 20 years, and a deep understanding of
and insight into Flat Panel Display through providing Onestop Services
for IC Design, sincerely promises to be with you unfailingly.